Classic dependency injection

With dependency injection, only interfaces are exposed to method callers, which means, details of the method is protected and invisible when being referened, in addition, the interface can be extended as customized and then let same method supports more similar cases. public class Employee { public Employee(ILogger logger) { logger.WriteToLog(“New employee created”); } } public … Continue reading Classic dependency injection

Glance of SQL Data Warehouse in China Azure

Key features:   Azure SQL Data Warehouse, storage and compute scale independently. You can dynamically deploy, grow, shrink, and even pause compute, taking advantage of best-in-class price/performance. SQL Data Warehouse uses the power and familiarity of T-SQL to let you easily integrate query results across relational data in your data warehouse and non-relational data in … Continue reading Glance of SQL Data Warehouse in China Azure

Getting AAD token with silent login

Sometimes devops need their apps to perform some operation as a human, such as stopping a virtual machine when monitoring system alarms, as traditional ways of azure authorization such as management certificates or profile file  grant too much permission and may cause security risks, ARM and RBAC is quite recommended to fully organize and control access to … Continue reading Getting AAD token with silent login